Alongside the development of the WWE® re-brand, I was tasked with developing a new logo that had to work with this new branding for our collector-focused segment, the ELITE Collection. Here are some of the different concepts and branding ideas I created. I was inspired by the graphics used on actual WWE® shows and ESPN's Sportscenter.
Here are the final two logos and how they worked with the ELITE collection branding. I had to add the subtext and a FLASHBACK  arrow to one version for use on our vintage/throwback Superstar skus (example on right).
I developed a customized logo for a TARGET exclusive segment where each figure would come with a Championship belt. These are some early logo concepts for this customized segment called "WWE® Champions". In the early stages I tried to play with the idea that this logo could be used on actual belt or title. It also had to work with and without the TARGET logo in case another vendor wanted the segment down the road.
This is the final CHAMPIONS segment logo looked and how it worked across different structures and price points.
I developed a customized logo for Kmart (left) and Toys R Us (right) that would be exclusive and work as the in-store branding anchor for all their WWE® merchandise. 
Here are how the final WWE® Fan Central and WWE® PPV Headquarters logos looked and worked across different structures and price points. They are both still used in stores and on WWE® broadcasts as sponsors. 
Early design explorations for several logos that would go on our packages. Each one served a different purpose. Battle Pack would go on our figure 2-pack items. "World Champions" would go on our normal figure single packs as a segment. “First time in the line!” is a sticker call-out that would be used to communicate to collectors if a figure is a new item. 

Here are the final logos and how they worked across different price points. You can also see how some packages were refreshed year to year. 
These are design explorations for iterations of the same logo, each serving a different purpose. I also included a rough concept sketch on the right showing my photography direction before a photo-shoot for one of our basic wrestling rings.

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