A summary of my work over the past few years for various clients, and a look into my creative thinking and processes.
On the left are some of the cover concepts I developed for the TIMESHIFT™ game. In the center is the final rendered cover and on the right is how the branding worked on a 9-cell POP display.
Here are a few early gatefold cover concepts I developed for the inside cover of the PC game version of TIMESHIFT™. On the right is how it worked on the final package.
Here are some final execution examples I developed for the FEAR game franchise. These were premium collector packages expanding on the popularity of the series. 
Razor®, famous for its scooters and bikes, wanted to delve into the world of competitive Yo-Yoing and create their own line of premium quality Yo-Yos. Here are examples of the items  I helped develop, where I created the package shape, look and branding for their new POCKET-PROS™ line.
For San Diego Comic-Con, I developed a fun package that celebrated the Tiny Titans™ comic book from DC Comics™. Because I was limited to a rectangular package, I wanted the package and product to work together and tell a fun story. On the bottom left and right is the final product, which tells of the Tiny Titans™ taking a class field trip to Comic-Con. Art Baltazar, the creator of the Tiny Titans™ series, did the art and story based on my concept.
I have developed dozens of packages for various companies. Here are just a few more examples of my work.

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