Creative lead on the branding and line look for the MAX STEEL action figure toy relaunch at Mattel Toys. Branding had to work both domestically and internationally yet still stay to true to a new animated series. The branding execution was geared towards boys ages
4 to 8 as well as established collectors of the Latin American brand from the past 15 years.
First round of concepts on our basic blister card and open tray offerings. These were for our core 6 inch scale figures. ———concept sketchES by David Selvadurai
Once an ownable package shape was clearly defined, several rounds of branding exploration were required to refine the communication heirarchy and color scheme. ———Concepts by Rizon Studios
The final stages are shown on the left. Once the shape and communication hierarchy were established, I added finishing touches like die-cutting the package around MAX's head to better emphasize our hero. On the right is final blister card execution with product in/out of package.
This is the final branding across different structures and price points.
More examples of the final branding accross various structures and price points. I was also in charge of auditioning and hiring the models for photography with product.
Here are two examples of creative direction for package/product specific key art.
• On the left is my process for a villain image we created for a 3-figure battle pack
• On the right is my direction for the creation of a vehicle-specific fantasy illustration. I shot a rough image of the product in the position needed and my vendor embellished the image

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