MAX STEEL: COMIC-CON package 2014 Mattel toys

A look into my creative process and inspiration for the 2014 MAX STEEL Comic-Con package

I was tasked with creating a unique package for a MAX STEEL figure that would be sold at Comic-Con. I began developing several structural options that would celebrate this special figure in an eye-catching way.
———concept sketchES by David Selvadurai
Once a final structure was chosen that would also meet cost, I began working with my structural engineer on the blister shape and details. The idea was to capture MAX STEEL in his classic "Go Turbo!" Transformation moment from the ANIMATED show. You can see the inspiration on the right.  
———Final concept sketch by David Selvadurai
Here you can see the final package in detail. The overall structure has a hexogonal shape, which is a visual staple of the brand. To really show off the light-up feature of the figure, I designed the Light try-me to be easily accessible through the blister to get that cool "transformation" visual. I also added a silver foil stamp to the front logo, to give that added premium feel.
Here we have the back panel for the interior package, where I worked with my copywriter to share the unique attributes of heroes. So whether you are new to the brand, or already a huge MAX STEEL fan, you could find out a lot of cool information from these "classified files". On the right is how the die-line/layout ended up.
I wanted the outer shipper box that protects the interior package to be really cool as well, and not just be a plain shipper box. So again I worked with my copywriter to help me share more information about our heroes, and here you can find out more about their origins.  Here you can see the final package in detail. I also die-cut the Light try-me from the interior package to be accessible through the shipper to get that cool LED light visual from the outside. Additionally, I die-cut around the interior silver foil stamp logo so it could be seen through the outer shipper.
On the bottom left is how the final shipper file was layed out.

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