First round of concepts on our basic blister card offering. This was for our 3.75 inch scale figures. Concept sketches by PopGun.
After branding and structure was more refined, I focused on different pose options for our Superman™ key-art that could work across the entire brand.
We settled on a pose that worked well (on the left) until we later received the final key art pose of Superman™ from Warner Bros. (on the right).
 I added in the final key art pose and made some finishing touches, like moving the DC peel logo to the bottom left corner.       Here is the final blister card execution with product in/out of package.
Here is how the final branding worked across many of our different structures and price points.
 On the left is my early concept sketch for our Comic-Con exclusive offering to celebrate the film release of Man of Steel™.         On the right is the final approved concept rendering.  Bottom right sketch by David Selvedurai
Here are some reference images I sent to my illustration vendor to create the package key art. I then wrapped the art around a complex die-line to work seamlessly on package. Bottom right sketch by David Selvedurai
The final package worked well to really capture the climactic battle between Superman™ and General Zod at the end of the film. You can also see the detail and articulation of the 6 inch Movie Masters® figures with flight stand included.
The back of this package featured a translucent PVC window with a printed image of the Metropolis™ skyline. Through this window, the two figures could also be seen battling from behind. Also seen here is the outer shipper box I designed which featured our Man of Steel™ Movies Masters®  branding.

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