I was given the task of updating the classic Ghostbusters™ logo for the release of the new video game by Vivendi Games. It is one of the most recognizable logos in the world, so I didn’t want to change it too much. I gave it sleeker, more dimensional feel, which helped modernize it for the videogame age. 
I worked on the early branding development for Brutal Legend™ while at Vivendi Games. On the left are some early concepts I developed for the Game Informer cover, which served as an early tease for this highly anticipated game.
These are logos I have worked on for several video game titles. On the right is the original logo I helped develop for M-Cre8ive, a creative agency in Los Angeles where I worked for a bit. They later changed their name to Modul8ion, and I helped on the refresh of their brand identity as well. You can see more of the branding at www.modul8ion.com 
Also while at M-Cre8ive, I was the co-creator of a boutique of collectible vinyl toy line called "EMO NATION™.”                          I wanted the logo and branding to capture the feel of the "EMO" culture.  On the right is a logo I helped develop for the rebranding of The Oregon Trail® PC game for our client, The Learning Company.
These are logo explorations I helped develop for an animated mafia series project called  "THE OUTFIT”

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