A summary of some of my comic book color and illustration work over the past few years for various clients. I also included some of my own creations.
This is a look at part of my process when doing coloring work. The pencils were done by the creator of SHI, Billy Tucci. This was for a crossover miniseries with 10th Muse. It's always fun to color over really good art, but then there's the added pressure of not ruining it... lol. Final cover on right.
This is another look at my coloring process on a "Wrath of the Titans" cover for Blue Water Comics. I love coloring monsters and creatures, so this piece was especially fun. Final cover for issue 2 on right.
These are two more final covers. On the left is a cover for "20 Million Miles More" issue 2, a tribute series to the Sci-Fi film classic "20 Million Miles to Earth" by the legendary special effects wizard, Ray Harryhausen. On the right is an alternate cover for the SHI/10th Muse crossover series and the final printed cover.
An array of pages and covers I did for Blue Water Comics.
These are pencils and final colors of various pages I did for a fun comic called "Blackout Drunk" by Chris Dearman. It's a really funny read, like Animal House for the 21st century. Check out https://www.facebook.com/BlackoutDrunk  if you want to see more!
Grizzloq is an original character I created when I was eight years old. He's basically an intergalactic bounty hunter with an attitude. He has a crazy sidekick called Molecule, and they have some wild adventures together. These are some covers and character designs I did to try and flesh out the look of the series. One day I hope to revisit ol' Grizz and do something with it. Maybe a toy line or even a video game… Grizzloq™ is copyright of Joey Campos
Hopps is an original character I created when I was seven years old. It's an animated series concept about a young basketball-loving kangaroo named Hopps Allday. I expanded his cast of "Frenz" through the years and here are several pin-ups and character sheets I created. I hope to revisit this property one day and pitch it as a cartoon series. Hopps™ is a copyright of Joey Campos

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