To debut the new Arkham Knight Batmobile and showcase this never before seen vehicle for Comic-Con,  I did extensive research on the Arkham City video game franchise throughout the years.
Taking my findings, I began my exploration on the creation of several packaging concepts that were on par with the quality and aesthetic of the franchise. They had to really feel premium to help unveil this unique new Batmobile and its features to all Bat-fans. Something that even Bruce Wayne himself would be proud to display. ——Concept designs by David Selvadurai
We also needed a unique shipper box that thad the high level of polish and sophistication of a premium car ad, yet still felt very much of the Arkham City universe. It also had to be sturdy and durable to allow collectors to transport this Batmobile anywhere they chose to display it. ——Concept designs by David Selvadurai
Here we have the final package that displays the Batmobile within the top secret confines of Wayne Tech's R & D department. The back panel is full of schematics, details and Easter eggs fans of the game will love. It also displays the exclusive Arkham City Batman figure outside the vehicle, ready for battle and to save Gotham City from his many foes.
The final outer shipper box is shown here, complete with Bat-handle for easy transport. I wanted to hint that this was something almost top secret and pique fan interest by shooting the Batmobile using only high contrast rim lighting.
Here are some detail shots of he inner and outer parts of the package. Also included are some detail shots of the back panel that showcase the lights, sounds, and the Batmobile's different play modes.

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